Client: Columbia University’s Institute of Latin American Studies
Event: The Yanomami Struggle
Date: Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Languages Interpreted: English <-> Portuguese

Executive Summary

Dynamics Multilingual was entrusted to provide simultaneous interpreting services for an event organized by Columbia University’s Institute of Latin American Studies, both in-person and online. The event, entitled “The Yanomami Struggle,” featured Davi Kopenawa, a renowned Yanomami shaman and leader, discussing the historic campaign for the defense of his people’s sovereignty and the current situation in Brazil. The conversation was held on the occasion of The Yanomami Struggle exhibition opening at The Shed, New York. Dynamics Multilingual supplied interpreters skilled in English and Portuguese to ensure seamless communication throughout the event.


Providing simultaneous interpreting services in both online and in-person formats.

Ensuring the accuracy and fidelity of the interpreting services in a fast-paced, interactive environment.

Handling the complexities of the subject matter and the cultural context of the discussion.


In-person Simultaneous Interpreting:

Dynamics Multilingual provided a team of experienced interpreters, skilled in English and Portuguese, for the in-person attendees at the event. The interpreters were stationed in a tabletop booth equipped with an interpreting console, enabling seamless communication between the speaker and the audience.

Online Simultaneous Interpreting:

To cater to the hundreds of online attendees, Dynamics Multilingual utilized the Zoom platform to provide real-time interpreting services. The interpreters were integrated into the Zoom session, allowing remote participants to select their preferred language channel and engage in the event fully.


The combination of in-person and online simultaneous interpreting services ensured that all attendees could participate in the event, regardless of their location or language preference. Dynamics Multilingual’s interpreters successfully conveyed the complex subject matter and cultural context of the discussion, enabling a rich and engaging conversation between Davi Kopenawa and the audience.

The client, Columbia University’s Institute of Latin American Studies, expressed satisfaction with the quality of the interpreting services provided, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of Dynamics Multilingual’s team. The successful execution of this event reinforced Dynamics Multilingual’s reputation as a leading provider of simultaneous interpreting services for academic institutions and cultural organizations.